Anthus Decoder Geocoin - Verison 1

!! This coin is required and SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN A WEEK!! This is the very first decoder geocoin known in existence. We designed this coin for use in a cache
that we are hiding. Our hope is that other cache hiders will also use this coin to create their own
puzzle caches.


Icon: decoder decoder

The coin is 1.75 inches. It is trackable on and has a custom icon.

It was minted in the following metals and quantities:
- 225 Silver
- 225 Copper
- 50 Antique Gold LE with epoxy (special trades and FTFs only) square
- 10 Shiny Gold with epoxy and exclusive lens (HTFs and rare trades only)
- 10 Antique Copper with expoxy, exclusive lens, and glitter (HTFs and rare trades)


The Anthus Decoder Geocoin will enable cachers to do special puzzle caches, Cachers can utilize this multifunction coin to decode a clue, decode the coordinates, or simply use the arrow to point to where the next part of a multicache is located. It even contains a cutout in the magnifying glass that can be used to reveal a character when placed on top of an image. You simply orient the coin in a certain way and it helps you solve the puzzle!

Below is just one example of how to use the coin. Decode the coordinates with the coin and the picture.. Simply put the coin on the picture and rotate the coin so that the red arrow points to the letter you want to decode and the corresponding number will be revealed through the cutout in the coin. Feel free to use the sample as a template to create your own encryped message.


Decoder Sample