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Seeking List

1markymark1 - Antique Silver 2005
Ajayhawkfan (gold or silver)
Allegany State Park Geobash 2007
Arlsmommy 2006
Blazer Fan
Buck Snort
Cache Dragons
Cache Slash Fest 2006 (BN or Rhodideum)
Cache and Confused (any metal)
Captin Gortex
Coin Dropping Fairy Mystery Geocoin
Dhobby 1 (Edition 1 and Edition 2)
Dragon Mystery Geocoin
Domehead (R2D2)
Don't Fence Me in (any metal)
Dragonfly LE (AG or AS)
Early Halloween Bash (any metal)
Earth Turtle GCF Black & Gold Edition
Emergency Response 2006
Florida Gator Mystery Geocoin
Florida Shipwreck Decypher
Garmin Grand Opening (2007 & 2008)
GBA Deathmarch
GeoBoo 2007 Attended
Geocoin Club Aug 2005 - First Finders Dance
Geocoin Club Sept 2005 - Red Selective Availability
Geocoin Club July 2007 - Spy coin
Geocoin Secret Agent V2 and V3
Geodesy V
Geowoodstock 4 Volunteer
Goblindust (all versions)
GPS - The Movie Geocoin
Groundhog Day
Groundspeak GD Mystery

Groundspeak Project Square
Groundspeak Volunteer 2008
Groundspeak Waymarking Bounty
Habercacher 2005
Harry Potter Event 2006
HeadLlama 2003
HFFGcC #9 - Plastic Container
Indy Diver (Version 1)
JoeFrog's Famous Geocoin
Johnnie Lacy 2006 XLE (BN)
Johnnie Lacy Old Geezer
Kealia / Hula Bum
Landsharkz (PN first version)
Lemon Fresh Dog Geobone (any metal)
Merry Christmas 2006 Snowflake
Moun10Bike Version 1
Moun10Bike Version 2
Moun10BIke Version 4
Moun10Bike Christmas (any year)
Moun10Type (any version)
MR Squared
Mystery Christmas Coin
Mystical Greenman Mystery Geocoin
Nocturnal (any metal)
OIFGA 2005-06 (any metal)
Pengy & Tigger
PA 2004 Cooper
Project APE
Silver Dragon Hammerjane
Solvogen Sun Chariot
Square T
Sho99er - Version 1
Square D22 - Quahog
Square D22 - Fish
Team Fisur
Team/Dogapotamus (any metal)
The Phantom
The Shadown
USA 2003
Walpurgis 2008 Event Geocoin\
Wondering Dragon
Whinnethepoo-Tazmanian Devils
Zombie Tribe (any metal)

Available for Tradeline

Anthus Firefighter - Sorry these are all traded away

Anthus Decoder v1 (Silver) Black Ring

Anthus Decoder v1 (Copper) Black Ring
Anthus Decoder v1 LE (AG) Black Ring
Anthus Decoder v1 XLE (AC) Black Ring


Anthus Decoder v1.5 LE (Nickel) Red Ring
Anthus Decoder v1.5 XLE (Copper) Red Ring

Hermey & SillyBinkie - Gold (only 40 made)
Hermey & SillyBinkie - Nickel (only 40)
Hermey & SillyBinkie - BN (only 20 made)

Anthus Secret geoAgent XLE (Black Coat)

Anthus Laptop (BN)
Anthus Laptop (Nickel)
Anthus Laptop LE (Red / AN)
Anthus Laptop LE (Blue / AN)
Anthus Laptop XLE (Gold)
Anthus Laptop SE - Black & Gold Edition (GCF)

Burning Micro III
Crappy Cache Award (Silver)


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